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Sun Graphic Technologies' Mission is to help businesses grow; plain and simple.

Whether on Main Street or Wall Street, most businesses would list growth as a top priority. The question is how do you go about choosing the right partners to help you grow?

Though many companies give lip service to helping your business grow, Sun Graphic Technologies has a nearly 40-year track record of true consultative partnership. Simple “graphics companies”, “printers” and “sign companies” just can’t measure up. Not only do we understand the product that we sell in an unparalleled way, but we understand the principles that guide marketing, employee communication, and branding. EVERY day, we work with businesses from Main Street to Wall Street – helping them GROW!

Graphics are a part of business, they are a part of YOUR business, and they serve a purpose. The purpose is the key element. The problem is finding a graphics partner who understands more than just the products. You need a partner who understands the PURPOSE in order for that partner to help your business GROW.

In less than 3 minutes you can read the following primer on “Strategic Brand Identity”. As you do, you will quickly begin to see the difference between a graphics partner who understands your business and one who only understands their own.

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Our Experience, Your Success.