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Sun Graphic Technologies - Our Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability…

Through partnerships with Vendors and Recyclers, Sun Graphic Technologies has recycled more than 129,000 lbs, diverting almost 64 tons of material from landfills. 

In order for sustainability and "green" practices to be truly effective, they must be part of the business culture and comprehensive in nature. Sun Graphic Technologies' commitment to the future utilizes exceptional workflow management to create a highly effective culture of sustainability. Our culture, in turn, creates appropriate processes and systems which target areas such as estimating, overrun management, and production Team member training.

Sun Graphic Technologies, a partner for the future. 

Substrate and Packaging Recycling Programs By The Numbers



Beginning Year

Cardboard28,000+ pounds2012
Corrugated Plastic50,000+ pounds2010
Polystyrene51,000+ pounds2010

(as of 12/2018)